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Welcome to Best of Both Worlds - A Bisexual Collab.

5 spaces open XD just promise you'll update and try to keep to the story line ^^ Everyone knows about the yaoi(gay), yuri(Lesbien) and hetrosexual(straight) collaberations Well.. I looked around and I couldn't see one for Bi's O_O I mean... WHAT ABOUT THE BI CHARACTERS OF THE WORLD?! so here we are :D A bisexual collab :D Each person is allowed two characters, one male and one female (doing that SHOULD keep stuff equal) Hrm... I have no idea what the plot should be yet XD we'll sort that out when we have all the authors :D Remember, FIVE AUTHOR SPOTS AVAILABLE! ^o^

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RP site!!

Posted by artychick2009
January 20th, 2009, 12:23 am
send a PM

So as some of you may know, we've been using a site to roleplay with the characters ^w^ which has in turn inspired some of the scenes on this site. So. if you want to join the rping fun, go check it out!


P.S. I felt the need to post this mainly since I wasn't sure if the newer people knew about it, and because I myself keep loosing the link... >.<

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